Watch Indian Railways builds Subway Crossing in record 4.5 hours

Indian Railways marvel in trending everywhere in India. We always watch Japanese videos of various quick development projects of roads, railways, etc. on social media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. But these quick development engineering marvel can be seen in India as well.

A video in which Indian Railways’ engineers builds a Subway Crossing under the railway lines that too in just 4.5 hours. The magnificent state of art was built on Pendurthi and Kottavalasa in Andhra Pradesh. Watch video.

This line between Pendurthi and Kottavalasa has four tracks. And it is one of the busiest route in South India. In the whole construction 16 heavy duty excavators, 3 heavy duty cranes, 5 tippers were used. Approximately 1000 sand bags, 4 hydra machines, heavy weight jacks and 300 workforce was deployed which successfully completed the work in record time.

Before Karnataka elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Delhi Meerut expressway in few months. It is India’s first 14 lane highway. Also created the social media buzz of quick construction.

The credit of construction of Subway Crossing goes to the engineers, decision making and the planning team of Indian Railways. Many people on twitter praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this stupendous work. While others admired and showed gratitude towards the workforce involved in the project.

There was a dip in railway crossing accidents by 50%. Not only humans but also animals were hit by the trains. Lots of cases of elephants been hit by railways in North East. Also there was decrease in general railway accidents. According to the statistics, 2017-2018 was the best year in 58 years for railway accidents.

Number of Indian railways accidents

Committee was placed under Mr. Bhartruhari Mahtab. Casualties of unmanned railway crossing accidents come down to 40 in his year as compared to 123 in 2012-2013. Central, Easter and West Central Railways has negligible accidents.

Technological reforms, modernization of railways, new tracks, real-time data on railway app & website, insurance of people pre-booking, WiFi services, and quick implementation of on going projects has to be applauded as it reduces the project over-run costs.

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