Surgical Strike 2 video by Indian Air Force in POK

After a successful attack by Indian Army in POK in retaliation of Uri attack, another Surgical attack strikes Pakistan.

Recent Pulwama suicide bomb attack by Pakistan backed group Jaish-e-Mohammad martyrs 40 CRPF soldiers.

In retaliation to the attack, Indian air force sent 12 Miraje 2000 fighter aircraft in the POK region.



The attack took place at 3:00 am in the morning according to Indian Standard Time.

Attack took place in the region pf Balakot, Muzaffarabad. Balakot is in not in the region of Pakistan occupied Kashmir, but in the region of Khyber Paktun.

Khyber Pakhtun is the part of actual Pakistan and not the disputed territory.

That means, the attack by Indian Air force is directly in the Pakistan.

In the series of tweets by Mosharaff Zaidi, DG ISPR, Pakistan claimed and accepted the attack.

Tweet by Mosharraf Zaidi about Indian Airforce attack on Pakistan

Indian Airforce’s Mirage fighter aircraft dropped more than 1000kgs of explosives in the region.

Sources says, more than 200 terrorists died in the attack. It is just the initial numbers, and it may rise in future.

The main target of Indian force are the terrorists groups and not the armed forces.

Still Pakistan airforce is preparing to fight back quoted by Pakistani media.

Pakistan’s defence system also fired Indian aircrafts but their targets were missed. And no damage were seen on Indian aircrafts.

Pakistan as usual is in the denial mode, and say no casualties recorded. CNN news 18 says atleast 200-300 terrorists killed in the attack.

International media is also covering the news as the tension escalates between the two nuclear powers.

India and Pakistan boundary is considered to be one of the most dangerous boundary just next to North Korea and South Korea.

But we can say that it is the most volatile boundary as Koreans opened the boundary and released the prisoners.

Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

Some people says, the doomsday clock is moving faster than ever. As these strike may engulf both countries in the war and which may turn into a World War 3.

China has a lot of investment in the region. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) connecting Gwadhar port to the Chineses territories also passes through the Khyber Pakthun and Pakistan Occupied countries.

India’s Foreign Policy

Whereas India has backing of the wes i.e. United States, United Kingdom, Israel, France and many others.

Foreign policy of India mostly focused on isolating Pakistan which is quite successful.

Pakistan have bad relations with its other neighbors Afghanistan and Iran theses days. Which is now advantage to Indians.

Since the Uri attack back in 2016, India is requesting UNSC to term Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) leader Maulana Masood Azar as Global Terrorist.

Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror outfit is also involved Parliament Attack, Mumbai 9/11 Attack, etc.

All the P5 members except China backed India. P5 members includes, the United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, France, China.

After the Pulwama attack, 48 coutries condemned it including Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin. It says, Narendra Modi’s foreign visit was worth.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj is in China for the meeting among the foreign ministers of China and Russia.

She mentioned the Pulwama Attack as one of the most heinous attack.

And also said that Pakistan is not accepting and in denial mode that they are not involve in the attack.

Jaish-e-Mohammad also released the video after the attack still Pakistan is not accepting it.

Narendra Modi’s popularity graph was way below 40%. After the Pulwama attack, it rose to over 80%.

And after this surgical srike on Pakistan’s Balakot, it will be hard time for the oppositions including Congress to fight against Narendra Modi led BJP-NDA Government.

2019 elections were the hot topic before the Pulwama attack. But the media is completely diverted to this very important geo-political issue.

And opposition parties too support the NDA government to remove out terrorism from Kashmir valley, as well as Pakistan.

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