Watch Tsunami washed out city within few seconds in Indonesia

On the last week of September, an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 struck the islands of Indonesia. Initially, the tsunami warning was released. After sometime, tsunami hits the adjoining islands. It almost devastated the city of Palu.

The death tolled rises to 2000 and 5000 people are still missing. Authorities already begun the mass burial of dead bodies. Several videos of tsunami waves hitting the shores and flooding cities been captured by people went viral on social media platforms.


After the earthquake was recorded, tsunami warning was released to the people living in coastal areas, but it was later canceled. A surprise tsunami struck the cities like Palu, Petobo and Balaroa. And damage was more than expected. Many houses were sucked up in the mud as water loosened the quicksand causing more damage.

Another video was recorded by the residents of Palu when the waves returns back to the island.

Watch Video:

Search operation has been carried out by the government. Countries like India, Japan are providing aid to Indonesia.  Another disastrous thing engulfed as the volcano of  Mount Soputan on Sulawesi island erupted. Further causing delay in search and rescue operations.

After the earthquake was hit, three tsunami waves struck Palu, the city of Sulawesi island within the period of 15 minutes.

Malaysia, Dubai is also providing warehouses where more than 1,00,000 people can accommodate.

Indonesia is one of the fastest developing nation in Asia. It has a huge workforce and cheap labor working in small scale industries. Indonesia is one of the most visited tourist destination. Tourism also has the big chunk of contribution to the economy. 8.43 million people already visited Bali in 2018.

After this unpredictable natural calamity strike Indonesia and its near by islands, disturbing the tourism industry as well as the small scale industries and agricultural activities. It may create a vacuum in the economy of the developing nation.

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