15 reason to choose WordPress over other CMS

WordPress is a powerful CMS (content management system) and most used CMS in the market competing Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, etc. It is in the market since 2003. Many companies provides plugins, themes, etc to the wordpress users. In this blog, we have listed the best 10 reasons due to which you also should wordpress.

1. Its Free!

Most of the plugins and themes you use to develop a website or a blog are free. If you require advance features from the particular theme or plugin, you need to pay the creator for that. As always there are alternatives available to avoid spending money on paid plugins.

2. No Coding Skills Required.

Even if you have zero knowledge about programming, you still can develop your own website. You don’t need to have skills about languages used to develop a website. Just require a good imagination power which will help you to design a professional website by your own.

3. SEO Friendly.

We develop website with the main target of ranking it on Google. WordPress provides many such plugins and frameworks which will help you to rank your pages on Google. And yes, without spending a penny. One of the plugin Yoasts SEO helps you to write SEO friendly quality content.

4. Mobile Friendly

Most of the themes you get for wordpress are responsive. You don’t need to work extra for changing the mobile size designs and placements of elements.

5. Customizable

WordPress is a CMS (Content management system). It doesn’t mean, we cannot code in it. For those who have programming skills can also code using the editor wordpress provides. We can also edit or insert customizable CSS to change the styling of our website.

6. Support.

Even if the creator is stuck in a technical problem, tons of forums are available to resolve your problem. The community of wordpress is humongous. You can also get tutorials on YouTube. Even the theme and plugin developer have their individual support system.

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7. Multi-user System.

A single wordpress site can be handle by multiple users. For example, if you have a news / magazine website. You can create various user ids for all your content writers or journalists. They can publish their own articles and submit it into your website without any conflict.

8. WordPress App.

You can link your website or blog to the WordPress App. WordPress App is available on both Android Playstore and Apple’s App Store for free. You can edit blogs, post blogs, change settings, go through the analytics, demographics, traffic management, etc. using the app.

9. Social Media Integration.

You can easily integrate social media with your wordpress website or blogs. Just need to paste the URL of your social media account into the desired plugin.

10. Auto-publish post on social media

As soon as you click the ‘Publish’ button of your post page, the post is also shared to your social media pages/ channels like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. You don’t need to individually post your blogs in each social media account.

11. Regular Updates.

You will receive regular updates of WordPress and the plugins you use. Keeping your website up-to-date. You also get new features and bug fixes in those updates.

12. No Hosting Required.

If you don’t have any hosting, you can still host your site using WordPress’s hosting. The only drawback is, your domain will have ‘wordpress.com’ in the end. Example, abcxyz.wordpress.com.

13. User-friendly E-commerce themes.

You can develop a complex E-commerce website using wordpress with ease. Plugins like Woo-commerce provides many features related to e-commerce websites like cart, payment, etc,

14. Schedule Uploads.

You can upload a particular blog post at particular time. Just need to specify the time and date when you want to upload the post. You don’t need to login just to press the ‘Publish’ button.

15. User-friendly Dashboard.

The best thing about wordpress is its dashboard. It initially looks complex for the new user but it is actually well organized and user friendly to use.

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